It was a beautiful morning in Carolina. Jo Taylor, just woke up and heard her phone ringing:

Jo: Hello?

Manager: Your apply for the jof was accepted!


Manager: You have to come to L.A and stay in Palm Wods, the hotel for the future famous!

Jo: Ok, no problem!

Palm Woods:

James: I want a smoothie!!! Logan, bring me one!

Logan: No! I won't go, only and only cause you are lazy!!!

James: I'm not lazy! I just don't want to stand up from the chair!

Kendall: Guys, stop!

Mr.Bitters:*to Jo* Ok, This hotel will be like your home. Call me if you need help, but please, don't need help.

Jo: *to guys* Hello! I'm Josephine Taylor, but call me Jo!

James: Hi! I'm James Diamond, this is Kendall, Carlos and Logan.

Camille: *to Jo* YAY! Finally a girl here!!! Let's go, I'll show you everything.

Kendall: *looks at Jo*

Carlos: Earth calls Kendall!!! *shakes his hand*

Kendall: Oh, I'm here Carlos!

James: Awww, Kendall is in love!!!

Carlos: Yes, you are!!! When she came, you started looking at her all time!

Kendall: OK! But keep your mouth SHUT!

Logan:Ok, whatev you say!

James: If you like her, go to visit her!

kendall:Which is the appartment?

James: I heard that it's 2G.

Kendall:Ok then! Wish me luck!

  • Jo and Camille, 2G*

Camille: So, what do you think of the boys?

Jo: They seem cool, especially the blonde one. He is charming!

Camille: You mean Kendall, right?

Jo: I think yes, I haven't learnt their names well...

Camille: Ok, whatever, but STAY AWAY FROM LOGAN! We are together.


Kendall:*knocks the door*

Jo: Um, come in.

Kendall:Hey Camille and... Jo.... right?